Striking a balance between 'Config out of the box' and 'Overly opinionated' when setting up Community editions for i3 and BSPWM

I would very much like to pick the brain of whichever team member is controlling exactly how deep you guys roll on customization.

For i3, it's clear there is a spectrum between 0 and 10

0 = not in repos
1 = i3-wm and maybe i3-gaps in repos
2 = extra tools might also be offered or are easily set up

but these first category is best called 'You're on your own'. Perfect for ricers.

Between 3 and 7 there are an increasing number of customizations added, most of which are helpful and can be removed or commented out if unnecessary

These might be polybar, customized dmenu or rofi, using parts of a DE to take control of backlight, audio, etc.

ABove the scale of 8 though, both aesthetically and functionally, the whole system feels like there are so many more things one wants to change than leave as is. Some are easier to get rid of than others. THe Dragonfox thing is easily dispensed with, but other stuff is trickier.

My suggestion / request / challenge is to ease off the aesthetics slightly, focus on bringing out the best of i3, bspwm (and dwm if you have time), and leaving the viewer with a number of options about the look. Have a look at how Archcraft manage looks, or Regolith.

I have a sneaking suspicion that you guys could do even better than them

So anyway, hope the feedback is taken in the right way. I'm gonna go back to my ricing and tweaking, and i hope to see good things from y'all in future releases :slight_smile:

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Self is the human being.

If you don't like something you have to change it.
Nothing good happens unless you do it.
We don't carry your butt around until you like what you see.
That's not our job here.
Every developer or maintainer has their DE designed the way they like it.
Apart from that, no one can meet everyone's taste, can't be done, trust me :slight_smile:

The spectrum of Garuda Linux is wider than you think.
Try Sway, Wayfire, Qtile or BSPWM

take what you like and customize it.
Done. :wink:
Nice Greetings from the hobby i3wm maintainer. :smiley:


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