Strawberry qt6 theme

hi all. I have a Strawberry installed from the main repo. it is now on qt6 compiled. it won't use a theme that system is using: kvantum-dark . I am on the Dragonized KDE. qt6 settings show error :

The QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME environment variable is not set (required value: qt6ct)

sweet Icons show up but the sliders and the rest ain't.

yes. the environment variable has to be set in your .profile add the export command and the value. then you will get the Sweet theme in other DE

Im not sure if setting this to another, non KDE Qt theme engine on KDE is a good idea :eyes:
(at least thats what I thought since KDE maintains Qt5 until KDE is compatible with Qt6, there must be a reason for doing this. Not 100% sure :slight_smile: )

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I only use KDE. can I specify kvantum-dark as a theme? I didn't change anything. that's how Dragonized KDE is being shipped...

yeah this will work. But doing this only for launching Strawberry with the system theme seems pretty extreme :stuck_out_tongue: