Steam games fail to run from NTFS

Hey All - anyone found way to fix so games on steam will play from NTFS ?

Tried recreate data folder in steam folder on ntfs drive, still no luck, tried change original folder name and make new one with compatdata name.... didn't work.

Drive mounted, games listed on steam, once click play it kinda try start then stops and play button is there again.

Tried proton GE and experimental, same results.

Only of I move game to ext4 it will run.

Thanks a lot !

as far as i know NTFS is known to have issues on Linux, this isn't really a supported configuration. from what i understood one of the problems is NTFS does not like to cooperate with the kernel's mounting.

there is a possible fix ... Can't launch Windows games installed on another drive · Issue #35 · ValveSoftware/Proton · GitHub

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pacman -Qi ntfs-3g
Name                     : ntfs-3g
Version                  : 2021.8.22-1
Beschreibung             : NTFS filesystem driver and utilities


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Personally, I avoid NTFS like the plague, but as of linux kernel 5.15 there has been NTFS file system drivers implemented for better support. Make sure you have 'NTFS-3G' installed from the repos.

With that said, here are a couple of guides, but in all honesty, NTFS should be avoided; drive errors....and the fact that NTFS is crap in general. Good luck.

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More seriously, things might improve with kernel 5.15 which includes some better built-in NTFS support (but even so, running Linux applications from a Linux-native filesystem is still the better approach).


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