Steam ATS Mess

When I launch American Truck Simulator Steam displays the simulator with half of its content missing and next to the right side of the screen. I have a two-monitor set up. I can't even access the game's buttons to start it. Any help is appreciated.

I hope you understand that we all want to help here but that certain information is needed.
No offense meant and welcome to the Garuda forum. :slight_smile:

Why didn't you read the template and therefore didn't provide the necessary information about your system in your request?

There are no psychics here.
I also don't see in your post what efforts you have already made to solve the problem.
It is frustrating for helpers to be told again and again: "I have also read that, tried that and so on".

Even though Garuda delivers many programs in the DE's,
it is usually better to ask in the special software forums.


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