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Greetings! Which is better Steam (Native) or Steam (Runtime)? Which is more compatible and performant? Thank you!

Bit of a vague question there. In Arch based distros, our packages are updated quite frequently. If you want to use those new versions, use Native (In most cases Native will work fine).

If you run into issues, you can use what Steam provides with Runtime.


What Kayo mentioned is generally true.

I personally am running the “Native” version.
Additionally, I have installed the “Proton-GE-Custom” from Garuda Gamer and selected it as the main one in Steam.
So far, it worked for every game I played.

Before starting playing a new game, I suggest checking it on ProtonDB website.


Just noticed you have it set to run other titles with proton-GE :astonished: Does that mean the bug with setting anything other than Steam’s proton versions in that menu is finally fixed? If so, thanks for the heads-up! :slight_smile:

I have installed Garuda on:

System install date: 2024-01-25

I have checked a few times previously, Proton-GE was always set as the default in Steam after installing it from Garuda Gamer. So, the bug was fixed some time ago, I presume, not sure when you have last seen it :slight_smile:
Or there might have been an issue with the Native vs Runtime Steam versions, not sure.

I have never needed to try any other Proton version yet. But I know the option is there, if I would need it.
It updates with garuda-update, if a new version is available, FYI.

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