Starting version 249-2-1-arch boot stuck

Hi, i need from someone who had this problem before.
After proper configuration in BIOS, boot stuck at this point.
I waited 20 minutes.

Starting version 249-2-1-arch 

I’m quite new to Linux, I believe I need step by step instruction to solve this problem.
Also English is not my language, so if you know the solution, please write as easy as you can.
There are some posts on the internet, still I’m not sure what am I supposed to do.

Hi there, welcome!

What did you change?
Can you use a live ISO?
If so, please provide your inxi -Fza as text, with 3 ~ before and after the text block (for formatting reasons).

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In this case, you will need to provide exact and specific details about what you did, step-by-step, before reaching this point.


is nowhere near enough detail for someone to be able to help you.


I created boot pen by Ventoy, I downloaded iso from official website.
I had factory default on my BIOS i disabled secure boot.
I opened boot manager, checked my usb device.
Opened Garuda in ventoy (my only option)
I chose “boot with open source drivers “
It is showing “starting version ….”
That’s all I have.

Could you please check in your BIOS if your SATA controller/mode is set to AHCI or what? Intel-VMD?


Also turn of fastboot


SATA is set to AHCI
I did disabled quick boot.
I use AMD setup, Ryzen 7 4700 and Radeon Graphics

AMD Platform Security Processor use disabled.

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If you have CMS turn it off.

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I would also check the check sum of your iso to make sure its ok


I already checked and this Garuda iso works fine on other computer.
Different non arch based distribution works fine on my computer.
I don’t have a CMS option in my BIOS. What’s worse there is nowhere to find option to disable/enable PSP.
My BIOS is Insyde h20 1.07.08 version, there was this option in older versions, now there isn’t.

I think it is obvious there is something wrong with this specific PC. :man_shrugging:

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I think I’m looking for a solution for this specific operating system not new computer.

I can not run it live, I cannot open text console as well

If Garuda works on other PCs, and other non-Arch distros work on this one, then there's something specific to this PC that doesn't (currently?) work with Arch.

Noone else here has the PC that you have (and certainly not the Garuda maintainers), so it's incredibly difficult for someone to replicate your issue.

You might consider looking on the Arch wiki for similar hardware to see if there are specific tricks that will allow it to boot. Or, try the base Arch installation image to see whether that will boot. If the August 2021 release works then there's a reasonable chance the next batch of Garuda images might work too.


Thank you for your patience, and complex reply. I will surely try that!

You know it would help having your hardware info so one of us can look at the bios specs and see what might be hanging you up. on mine I don't know if CSM would hang Garuda or not it was just suggested that I turn it off so I did. Now on mine their is a virtualization setting that has to be off for certain OS's to install, not sure if it would affect Garuda but it's off because of other OS's.

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