Starting Down the Path to Making Qutebrowser Dominate Chromium and Firefox

So, main cool features:

  • vim-like keybindings for every action
  • automatic dark mode
  • new adblocking system based on brave's adblocker, compatible with ublock origin and adblocker plus
  • incredible integration with pass password manager, you just do the keybinding and voilla, your account and password are filled in
  • greasemonkey scripting support
  • everything is customizable through an optional config file (by default you can just use menus or "set" command in the command mode)
  • based on qtwebengine which is itself based on chromium without the google stuff, so compatibility is not a problem

I only know :q IIRC so Vim - style didn't help me :wink:
I can't view the movie on my cell.
But, It's always good to have a choice.


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