Staff please understand and read it

i posted a topic, regarding some issue i had, and one staff closed it without understanding the meaning of what i tried to say. i put a new topic on it and another staff repied on it saying i can't create same topic again. now see both topics are closed, how tf can i ask my issue. i need proper assistance please

You are owed nothing by the mods
or other users on this forum to jump at your beck and call. This distro is provided completely gratis with no warranties whatsoever that it is compatible with your system. Learn to provide proper information on help requests and do not come off as being demanding if you wish to receive assistance. You can read the Garuda Wiki section regarding "Reporting bugs" for information on the proper procedures to follow.

If the KDE dragonized edition works properly for you, then install the Dragonized version and then simply install any multimedia applications that you are missing that you want.

The mods on this forum will recategorize, move, retitle, edit, or delete, users posts on "OUR" forum if and whenever we see fit. We need neither your permission nor approval to perform moderation tasks on the Garuda forum.

If you keep making repeat requests on the forum you will likely have your right to post revoked for a period of time. This time will allow you to research your issue on the forum as it appears from your profile that you have only read a handful of posts on the forum. This is hardly what I'd consider exhaustive research and perhaps you need to do some more research on how to use the forum properly.

You can use the edit feature below your OP (opening post) to provide additional information which might actually allow others to provide an informed opinion on assisting you. With next to no information your posts are simply going to continue being removed from the forum.

Learn to provide proper information on technical help requests.