Spotify keep pausing every 30 seconds

Hello guys,

I installed Garuda with Gnome version. And install spotify from snap. But every 30 seconds spotify keep pausing my music.

I dont know how to resolve this and what logs or debug i should do to help me understand it better ,

Can you guys help me ?


It may help to run spotify from the command line and see if it throws any errors.


In addition to the above, you’ve installed closed-source software running on an unsupported packaging system.

However, if Snap is supported by Spotify then you can also contact them for help (given you’re likely paying them for the service).


Have you searched the internet? There seems to be a lot of posts out there related to this subject. As this isn't a Garuda issue the onus is really upon you to put in the effort. Spotify has their own forums, that may be the best place to find answers.

From your lack of posted background information it would seem you have not done your due diligence.


Do you use KDE Connect?

I download AUR package . And is apresent same problem.

I already search in internet . But no lucky. I try to change some config from pipewire but make it worst. I think maybe you pass for same problem and can guide me a way.

I test in google chrome and i have same problem

No i dont use.

This implies there may be an issue with your network connection, or connection to Spotify’s servers.

If you have regular/reliable issues accessing other websites, or e.g. watching YouTube videos, it might be an idea to talk to your ISP.

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On a brief search of the internet I located numerous posts that seemed related to your issue. If you were not lucky in finding any related posts I can only surmise you didn’t perform a very exhaustive search.

Did you open a help request on the Spotify forum as I suggested? This would seem the most logical course of action as this is likely a Spotify issue, not a bug in Garuda. I’m pretty sure I noticed posts on the Spotify forum similar to your issue in my cursory search on this issue. Have you even searched the Spotify forum? The Spotify forum would seem the logical place to start looking for a solution to a Spotify problem.

It seems we have a language issue here, but I take it you think I’ve had similar problems, so I should be able to help you. That is not the case at all, as I do not use proprietary software. I try my best to always use and support open source software. I wouldn’t be caught dead using Spotify. Generally, most people that help on the forum won’t waste a lot of effort attempting to work out bugs on proprietary software. If you are using such software you should really be looking for assistance through the developers support channels IMO.

Good luck resolving your issue.