Spotify Flatpak doesn't show on application menu

I recently installed spotify using flatpak but it doesnt show on Application menu or anywhere i have to use terminal for that. Any solution

Is there any particular reason why you are not using the available native spotify application in the repo? :thinking:
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@dr460nf1r3 fish config needs updated to execute .sh files in /etc/profile.d
currently none of them gets executed


is this why the shell in Garuda was switch from Fish to ZSH?

A heads up on this as I've stated in other threads. This does have to do with more than Fish shell. My roommates Manjaro is the same way and he's still on Bash.

I think we had this and I forgot about it? :thinking:

Should we go with this approach?


well we cant
bashrc is provided by arch

perhaps we can use desktop-overlay
to overwrite bashrc in /etc/skel

but it will only work for new iso


mhm, sed magic could do, in the fish-config pkgbuild?


yeah that an approch

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You mean AUR?? Because I am not exactly sure whether AUR and chaotic AUR are safe or not heard a lot that AUR are not safe​:rofl::rofl:

Anyways can anyone just help me install snap and flatpak in Pamac similar to that of manjaro

sudo pacman -Rns pamac-aur
sudo pacman -S pamac-all

thanks man!