Splash screen ends too fast

Hello Garuda users!

I want to use a boot splash screen. My splash screen need 6 seconds to end but the system is to fast to show the complete splash. Is there a way to continue the boot AFTER the splash ends?

Sry for my english, i am german.

To clarify, you are talking about the screen that shows up during initramfs/kernel load, which is after GRUB and before Desktop Environment login screen?

To be honest, this is the first request I see to delay the boot time :slight_smile: .
For the sake of all those who check systemd-analyze every single day, going crazy for a second or two...
If you meant the splash screen "after", the one you set in KDE in System Settings, in my opinion this suggestion of a systemd service made sense:


Yes. I use the Steam Deck Splash Screen.

See this

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