Speech to Text (picovoice)

Picovoice appears ideal for my trnscrition needs, I am just too stupid to woirk out how to properly install or run it.

So far have Python 3.11.5 installed locally as well as universally in order to use pip3 install. Chetta installed made a basd script to run it from local install -- but basically do not know what to next or how.

Any suggestions would be welcomed, is there a complete install package somewhere?




Picovoice is the developer-first platform for building voice products on your terms. Unlike Amazon or Google, Picovoice’s AI runs entirely on-device while being more accurate. You can use Picovoice for keyword spotting, voice commands, voice user interfaces (VUI), phonetic search, automatic speech recognition (ASR), speech-to-text (STT), and voice activity detection (VAD).

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