Spectacle not working properly

I use spectacle to take screenshots. But, when I open the spectacle app and click on "take new screenshot", instead of taking a screenshot of the current screen (or window) it takes a screenshot of some other random screen (or window), and even if I quit and reopen spectacle, it does the same. How do I solve this?

uninstall and reinstall ?

didn't work

perhaps install a different snapshot program and see if that works...there are many available... my spectacle is working fine

can u show me all the settings that you use? maybe that'll help

Use flameshot(-git)

didn't solve the problem, be it with flameshot or flameshot-git or spectacle-git

Did you attempt to go back to restore a past snapshot of your system to see if that helped? Have you upgraded recently?

Nope, didn't do anything like that.

Well if it was me I would attempt doing "restore a past snapshot of your system "

To get back to working state we will boot into a snapshot created by Snapper:

  • Reboot
  • In GRUB (bootloader) select "Garuda snapshots" instead of “Garuda Linux” and select the latest snapshot
  • Once the boot process completed you will be automatically prompted to restore the currently booted snapshot
  • Reboot and enjoy your working system

Flameshot does nothing on its own, you select the area and choose the storage type. Done.

Change the settings in spectacle and read the manual, please.
We do not teach every app in the Linux world.

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Use PrtSc for current screen and alt + PrtSc shortcut for current window. Doesn't that work for you?

If not, can you elaborate "Random", I can't seem to understand.


Do you use HiDPI scaling? I read that this might create troubles with screenshot applications. I haven't been able to find much details, but if you use those display settings, it could worth trying to disable them to see if something changes.


I will add another "spectacle works fine for me", so I have no idea what the issue is here for the OP.


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