Spanish keyboard tilde

HI! I have a little but anoying problem.. in any of the spanish keyboard distrutions, the tilde, is working fine, it shows up, but... here, in garuda, it doesn´t seems to work as a tilde but most like an apostrophe, it´s not apearing over the vowel, but after it. Is there any solution?!

Hello @Juane,

I assume, you are using the Latin American Layout.
There are 2 types of LA layouts: accent tilde and without accentkeys.
Did you try both?


Have you installed language packs by going to Garuda Settings Manager -> Language Packages?


maybe this one helps


Sorry Comunity.... i've been so stupid... I've tried each one, but.... without aplying.... My bad.. Shame on me!! hahaha SORRY!! And Thanks!!!!

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