Source: Error encountered while sourcing file '/home/c0mpl3xdev/.fish_profile'

hi today I start the terminal and this error appears:
source: Error encountered while sourcing file '/home/c0mpl3xdev/.fish_profile': source: File or directory does not exist

This has in fact been fixed a few minutes before :smiley:


i didn't understand very well how to solve the problem

You needs to update your system using the upd or update alias.

ok i ran the upd command but nothing changed the error keeps appearing

Did you reboot your system?

yes I restarted it

OK so here what you do you need to open this file using a editor of your choice
Then look for this line
source ~/.fish_profile
I need you to change this to

if test -f ~/.fish_profile
  source ~/.fish_profile

And you are done!

DO take a snapshot and don't be afraid to ask if you feel something is not right.


thanks a lot for the help

No issues,

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