Sound is not working

hi every one

i am a new linux user with zer experience, i used Windows since the windows xp and now i decided to transfer to linux mainly because i am studying computer science and i feel learning and understanding how linux work is a necessity for me

i installed Garuda KDE Dr460nized as my main os and now i am facing a problem with the sound, it wont work and i dont know how to solve this problem, i looked up on youtube and google but nothing works and honestly some of the things i dont even know what they are :sweat_smile:

i believe my problem is with the sound driver

NOTE: my laptop is asus rog G512lu that is why i choose this os

Please, follow the template, post your garuda-inxi as text, almost all data we need are inside .


Look for pavucontrol in your system and if it is not installed please do. Then in the output section (for me atleast) there will be multiple audio output devices. Change the output device. It may work

This isn’t necessary in KDE dr460nized. KDE should already have sound set up out of the box with a widget at the top right for it. I just double checked with a spare USB stick I have on hand and KDE does not use pavucontrol by default (not even installed).

Speaking of said widget, have you not only left clicked it but also opened the full thing (iirc you need to right click it and then find the option that lets you do that) and taken a look at all available settings to see whether anything is amiss?

An easy way to get the whole garuda-inxi to post on the forum is to open Garuda Assistant > system specs > copy for forum (but please replace the backticks with tildes ~, it changes the colour coding of the post).
So it should look like this in your editor:

Also, a good thing to do is to search for your laptop on the Arch Linux wiki. It seems your model isn’t listed but you should have a look regardless to check whether not having sound is a known issue (just in case my search skills aren’t good enough): Laptop/ASUS - ArchWiki

Lastly, welcome to the forums and to Linux! :smiley:
Picking Garuda as your first distro is not a generally recommended choice as it is Arch-based, but if you are willing to put in the time to research and learn your system, you will pick things up really quickly.


This is so true. Garuda is the first linux distro for me as well and I have been loving it so far. :smile: . I did need to searx around a lot when I started with it but I did know I am changing the way I compute so I would have to relearn everything.

I am kind of glad I did. I have completely forgotten how to operate M$ at this point and I am proud of it. :grin: