Sound Blaster AE9

I just built a new system and want to dual boot Win10 and Garuda. I have a Creative Sound Blaster AE9 sound card and would like to know if it is supported.

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Did you check manufacture website if they have Linux driver?
At least you can install and check if it work OOTB. :slight_smile:


Yup, very easy to find out via the live installer environment.


I did and I did not a Linux driver.

Hey, a bit late to this post, but I'm leaving my two-bits here since I'll be getting an AE-9 in about a week.

Sound Blaster does not supply Linux Drivers for the AE series cards currently. Support for the AE-7 has been mainlined in kernel 5.10, with reports of AE-5 working as well with issues here and there.
My ZxR + daughterboard has mediocre support at-best, despite having mainline kernel support as well.

Skimming through the ALSA Projects site, they do not have any info on the AE series under the vendor info either.

The two things currently keeping me from going all-in and ditching Win10 are my incoming AE-9, and the current state of anti-cheat and linux gaming. I'd LOVE to contribute help on getting that AE-9 up and running in Linux, but wouldn't know where to start. I'm no programmer, but I'd have the hardware that I'd be happy to aid in testing with.

EDIT: Found an official statement from Creative, buried in the support page here

That mention of a thread on the "official subreddit" turns up a thread with this response from Creative:

Thanks for your feedback. This can be considered when Linux becomes a more commercial operating system in future. - Creative_Colin

Of note, that was about 3 months before work on getting the AE-7 support mainlined really started drumming up: