Some videos does not open when accessed from NAS

When I use KDE dr46gonized and connect to my wdcloud NAS some videoes open and stream perfectly.
But some videoes does not open at all. Music and pictures are all good.
If I copy the video to my local drive it is working. Strangely it does not matter what format it has, but certain files just will not open. In a series,for example episode 1,2,3 are working, but 4, 6 and 9 does not work.
Linux mint cinnamon also works great.
So I think the problem is in dolphin (it is exactly the same files that won't play in Garuda KDE and Manjaro KDE).
It all works well in Nemo.
But the point is I love the look and feel of the Garuda KDE Dr46gonized edition, are there a way to fix this problem?

Best Regards Martinez

It's KDE, you need to mount your network shares.

Welcome to Garuda.


IIRC there is a fix/feature coming in next versions of KDE/dolphin which will give this feature to dolphin/KDE for direct streaming.


That is great news.