Some torvic9 packages moved to AUR

I pushed a few things to AUR out of boredom (and because I wanted to know how and if it works):

  • kplasmafoxhelper
  • gmpbench
  • mini-benchmarker

Have fun!


mini-benchmark seems pretty cool, I think I'll use it to test cacule against zen on my machine. Thank you for the software!


I have a question about your versioning. I have in my system

mini-benchmarker 0.9.r76.ge6306d8-1

Currently in aur is

mini-benchmarker 0.9.r63.g2a49602-1

Is that newer?
Thank you.

Git packages usually dont have their versions bumped for every commit (afaik its even forbidden to do so), instead they set the package version at compile time using the pkgver() function. So the AUR version might be behind the actual version which shows when installed. :slight_smile:


More precisely, the number after the "r" stands for the number of commits since the last tag (0.9).


To be super-duper correct with AUR guidelines you should rename the mini-benchmarker to mini-benchmarker-git as it is a VCS package. (in fact I dont care but there seem to be people who care, have been there too) :grimacing: :laughing:
Btw, I put this one into the repo for those who are interested :wink:


That's also correct :slight_smile:


Recently, stress-ng is quitting with the following:

stress-ng: info:  [43098] defaulting to a 86400 second (1 day, 0.00 secs) run per stressor
stress-ng: error: [43098] No stress workers invoked

I searched arch wiki and the internet for this error but nothing. Anyone has any suggestions?

Yep, I got reprimanded for saying that perhaps a package with a version that was several months old should have the version updated to give users notifications in the AUR.

It is an inherent rule on the AUR. I guess the AUR helpers out there could adapt around it.

I would assume since I get updates on every commit in the Chaotic-AUR, that the Chaotic-AUR has an inbuilt mechanism to check for new git versions to rebuild and add to the repo.

With some clever scripting, the check for updates step in AUR helpers can check the generated version number of git packages against the current installed version.

The only issue could be that you might have to download the git repo(which takes a lot of date) to run git describe. There ought to be someway to get the information remotely, but Iā€™m not sure.

You can do shallow clones of git repos, e.g.
git clone xxx --shallow-since=2021-05-10
git clone xxx --b name-of-branch --single-branch
to shorten the download time.

I don't know Chaotic, but I guess they simply rebuild once every 24h from master?


That depends on the package, some are indeed build every 24h, others every hour :slight_smile: