Some tilix / GTK styling issues

Welcome from the UK!

Just a traveller here. Saw your Dr4g0n1zed edition of KDE and had to try it ; - ).
Really nice job on this theme-ing guys! It loos and feel really awesome.

Not sure if any of you use it, but I observed a few issues with Tilix terminal.

  1. Style icons for close window, maximise, minimise are invisible.
    See the screenshot (I hope it will upload properly). I observe the same for Google Chrome for example.

  2. Tilix in Quake mode tilix --quake opens on random screen, does not respect setting to open on Primary monitor

Any suggestion how can I fix it?

Welcome dear traveller :wave:

Remove the ~/.config/gtk-3.0 folder and reapply the gtk theme via system settings. Just found the issue and fixed it.

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I think removing the said folder and re-applying the theme had solved the problem ;).

Let me know if you got any tips how to solve the wrong monitor issue. Tilix is my daily driver as a drop-down terminal. If you don't know it, try it. It's built-in tiling for subterminals is awesome!


fixed other issue with tilix by applying window rules

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