Some more Linux kernels related to Cachyos

Currently, Garuda provides only the linux-cacule kernel. However, there are many more variants of which would be great if could be added such as linux-bore and linux-cachyos and other things from them that are useful such as cachyos-settings

Please add these kernels if possible to the repositories for those who would be able to make use of them as they can offer better responsiveness for multitasking, workloads and gaming. This would save people installing the cachyos repo which has some issues for some people including myself.

Hi there,

This request should be directed to chaotic AUR, imo, because kernel are generally very heavy to build and mirror. Chaotic AUR admins should take the decision on which kernel to include and which they should not.

You can create the request here.


Thanks for the tip. Request made!


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