[Solved] Stuck at loading initial ramdisk

I successfully inatalled Garuda Dragonised, after that i updated all packages, then rebooted but it got stuck at loading initial ramdisk.

from grub menu open garuda snapshots then restore to previous snapshot


I did, but its still stuck at loading initial ramdisk

Yesterday i even reinstalled twice but no success.

from live boot

inxi -Fxxxza

Sorry for a late reply but the issue is fixed by reinstalling by selecting free as driver.
I guess it is because of nvidia or intel drivers.

I am a newbie so not very much sure.
But thanks a lot for such a quick reply, i really appreciate this OS and its forum.

Again thanks a lot.


Hello librewish,

How exactly did you 'select free as driver' I'm having the same problem on my laptop.

Hi there, welcome to the forums.

While booting in bootable usb, you can select free / non free drivers on the very first screen.

And please open new thread for new issue.


Thank you, and I will start a new thread for future issues.

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