[Solved] Redundant Passwords in Garuda-Assistant

New to Garuda, I'm surprised Why do Garuda settings have redundant password requirements? Is there a reason for this?

What is meant by redundant passwords?

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If the Garuda Assistant were to cache the password to reduce the password entries required for each terminal command, this would be a (maybe) security risk.

So the password must be re-entered for changes in / each time.

You can avoid this by entering the required password in the terminal itself as su or by doing it very quickly because the terminal remembers the password entry for a short time.


okay, got it. Thanks

some funny thing... i tied to save my Pass with export pwd=muhblup!! and then echo it into the su pw with $pwd .... it crashes my bash... i needed to reset my pass otherwise i couldnt sudo anymore :wink:

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