[Solved] Problem with internet connection

I've been using Garuda for a while now. I have a problem with no internet connection can be done. I'm connected so everything looks good, but no data, it is not only problem with Wi-Fi,I already tried using USB connection to connect to Internet but no Internet connection as well.
I have another computer that run Windows and Linux and there it works well, in my phone too. Does anyone have a solution maybe?

We need more details

inxi -Fxxxza

You can post to privateBin (upper right)

Do you use GNOME?
Which version (date from ISO)
Which USB modul?
No LAN possible?

Many things can be the fault, bad download (you check sha1 sum?)
So, more details, more we can help :slight_smile:

Solved by using last snapshot.
Maybe kernel / driver / upgrade problem?

Answer via Telegram Chat.

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