[SOLVED] Notifications and Full Screen Title Bar

First, I'm loving the latest Garuda KDE release. A great release of all I have used. Thanks a lot.

Now, I am facing issues with notifications placement on the screen.

This is my placement settings and

This is the notifications settigns

Also, if I fullscreen the window, the titlebar doesnt menu bars and other necessary options. So, how to fix these issues? Thanks.

What happens with notifications? we need more info.

What happens with notifications? we need more info.

Its in the center of the screen while i set it to the top right corner.

Yeah it does that in regular KDE but not in dragonized try latte settings.

not using dragonized. What exactly in latte? If u can just explain a bit.

Its the dock they use latte instead of kde panel because of higher customizability

What needs to be done in Latte??

Try Disabling the first option.

Didnt work out.

Hmmm it might be the conky blocking off the notifications try quitting conky.

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Okay now its fine. What about the fullscreen titlebar?

It is not clear what your problem is.
Maybe post an image that is showing the problem.

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I got it solved. The issue was conky interfering with the system. Now even the system is working in normal speed, which was laggy before.

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