[SOLVED]Mpv fullscreen aspect-ratio

I use ranger-file-manager and open audio files with mpv. Using EndeavoursOS this works great (front cover is shown in mpv with correct aspect ratio) but doing the same using Garuda-Xfce mpv opens a fullscreen window with stretched cover.
When watching a movie using mpv in windowed mode I can change aspect ratio but in fullscreen mode mpv doesn't keep aspect ratio and stretches the picture to use the full window (no black bars).
Did you modify mpv? Is there a way to prevent this?

My mpv works flawlessly, as ever.

What is the aspect ratio of the video you are trying to watch? You could always put the most common aspect ratios in cycle mode in mpv's input.conf. This way you can actively change aspect ratio any time you want, on the fly.

Simply make sure this file exists. If it doesn't, create it.


Then put this line in the input.conf file.

a cycle-values video-aspect "16:9" "4:3" "2:1" "2.21:1" "1.6:1"

'a' is the Hotkey. You can of course change it. And add/remove aspect-ratios you don't need.


Thank you - I figured it out.
At the end of ~/.config/mpv/mpv.conf 2 lines are added compared to the original /usr/share/doc/mpv/mpv.conf.
One is keepaspect=no, the second is save-position-on-quit. Additionally in the mpv.conf you deliver with the install-iso mpv starts in fullscreen mode.
Solution: Overwrite the ~/.config/mpv/mpv.conf with /usr/share/doc/mpv/mpv.conf and everything works as expected.

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Ah, good to know.

I never have faced this issue since I compile my own mpv from AUR PKGBUILD and have my own config files which I use in every distro. Different distros add their own config options which can be annoying. But since user-defined configs override /usr/share/doc/mpv/mpv.conf and I always have my own ~/.config/mpv, I never had this issue. You could do the same, create own ~/.config/mpv and add options you want in mpv.conf and input.conf and simply copy them each time you install a new distro or do a fresh installation of Garuda.

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Well, I never had this issue before. That's the first time I recognized this after a fresh distro-install but Garuda is the first distro I tried shipping with mpv preinstalled and modifyed. Thanks for the quick help! :+1:

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