[SOLVED] Garuda XFCE boot stuck at "Loading initial ramdisk"

I thought the problem was the nvidia driver.
However I noticed that there were two "quiet" in the "kernel params".
After editing and removing this from the grub command line, the system booted normally.

The two "quiet" are needed for the custom Plymouth splash screen to work correctly--you will notice you no longer get the splash screen without those kernel parameters.

If taking one or both of those out resolved the issue, that would suggest the problem lies with Plymouth. If you don't care about the splash screen, no need to dig deeper. If you'd like to get the splash screen restored, you could try switching from plymouth-git to plymouth (or vice-versa, depending on what you have at the moment), then rebuild the initramfs and test again.


I am so grateful for this tip! My system is running an Intel Processor and an Nvidia GPU. Like many other people I had issues with getting stuck on "Loading initial ramdisk" after installing the Nvidia drivers. Removing "splash" from Grub finally let's me boot in the desktop with official drivers.

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