Solved date bug with snapper-tools

@alexjp I'm not a mind reader, gotta explain to me how it's wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

sure: look at the dates:

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Just went back into Garuda and I have the same thing with the dates. Other than than a sound issue I fixed everything looks great.

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confirming date issue... seems to be using 'day.minute.year' instead of 'day.month.year' ... I assume snapshots will still function and this is just cosmetic display thing....

only other issue (and not much of one really) is ntfs-3g display of thumbs for files on NTFS drives doesn't work in Dolphin

everything else seems fine... installed on three systems here of various age/hardware :slight_smile:


This is a known KDE bug I believe, not related to Talon.

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Oh my god I am beyond dumb. Thank you. I didn’t even notice this at first.


As long as the snapshot name is there I personally don't care about the date. When I do need to us a snapshot at most it's only a few hours old from the same day.

seems fixed since: snapper-tools-git-r8.b1d830b-1-x86_64 :slight_smile: thanks @TNE


Date is fixed now! Fast work over there. :slight_smile:

edit: It was only slightly bugging me. *eye twitches


well… it was a game changer to me! life or death situation!
He had 40 years to fix it! if he failed, I was switching to manjaro!


Is this going to correct the time as well and allow the name of the snapshot to be shown on the Grub snapshot screen? Thanks

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