[Solved] Blank screen when booting from Live USB

Using this ISO on my Live USB. But only blank screen that i got.
I try it install Manjaro Linux with the same Live USB and it run without problem.
Need help and enlightenment here.

Hi Garuda Community :smiley:

Did you verify checksum ? And how did you make bootable usb ?

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I made it with rufus

Try with balena etcher / gnome-disk-utility/ dd method.

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Trying Balena Etcher and it still the same black screen when i try to boot. I downloaded the iso again already just in case.

Is there anything that i must do?

I've also recently experienced a handful of these in both Garuda & Manjaro. Checksums matched, but when dropping to a shell (tapping F1) there was a error loading (bash?) where the final comment in the error message was something like "you're on your own".

My burner of choice is Gnome Disk Utility.

If your checksum matches the iso, you could try a different brand USB drive.


I don't have this problem when i booting Manjaro from the same USB. But okay. I will try with other USB drive

Right, play around with it ... certain spins don't always play well with certain drives.

I got the much older ISO from other user when i reading other post.

Installing the Garuda dr460nized at the moment. But i think it stuck at 94% "Misc postinstall configuration".

** Nvm. The installation is done :white_check_mark:

Thank you Garuda community :+1:
I'm happy to join :grin:

Recommend to update your system when possible.

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I trust only Garuda Team but it is your PC.

Update could be very big and could cause problems.
Just wait until a new ISO comes out, it can't be long now.

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It is in progress :blush:

Ok. I hope it come soon. So i can fresh install my pc from beginning cleanly :grin::+1:

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