[Solved ;-)] Alt tab while drag'n drop doesnt work

I can only drag n drop by making the windows smaller and having them side by side.

Welcome :slight_smile:
Are you on GNOME?

Maybe this is the solution? :wink:

yes im on gnome

It's a known GNOME bug???
When it start?
Your system is up to date ?
Do you restore timeshift snapshot and it fix the problem?

Maybe @dr460nf1r3 can help?

From install only it didn't work. Always making window side by side and small to drag and drop.

Sorry my main wm is i3, my English is bad and I do not know what "small to drag and drop" is.
But I am sure someone will know.

Do you search in web? For a known GNOME bug?

Missing shortcut setting?

basically i have to tile the windows to be able to drag and drop.

Thanks, but this is only one part

its a known bug but havent been able to find solutions.

That's probably because it's still an outstanding bug. If a bug fix had been applied then I can surmise this still wouldn't be happening, but what do I know about Gnome?

Nothing, and I think I'll just keep it that way till I'm six feet under. :wink:

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First answer was the solution :slight_smile: :wink:

Look at KDE, every week new features/style/theme but 1000 open bugs.

But I know how difficult programming is/can be.

We are happy free user of free and cost-free software.

What more do we want?

Peace in the world and health for all.


I do understand. It's just a minor inconvenience for me but it's alright. It's not the end of the world. Drag and drop works it just takes 2 extra clicks.

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When did this thread turn from tech support to philosophy

Sorry I was just waxing all philosophical like there for a second, then I regretted It.

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I always try to point out the important things in life, like tbg.

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I tend to agree.


Do you listen to the Canadian holy triumvirate

Naw, I'm still stuck in the 60's.


im the biggest rush fan on earth

Good old times.

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