SOLUTION: Seemingly-random inability to launch nwg-drawer launcher in Sway


I have two separate user accounts that I use on my Garuda Sway installation. I found the root cause of the intermittent problem I had that affected both logins at random, it seemed. Every now and then I would be unable to get nwg-drawer launcher to come up with the shortcut keys or by clicking the rocket icon at the top left of the Sway bar at the top of the screen.

Using strace, I discovered that when the launcher failed to come up, it was because /tmp/nwg-drawer.lock was owned by the other user than the one I was logged into and having troubles getting nwg-drawer launcher to come up. A quick chown to the file fixes the problem.

Being a relative newbie to Sway, I wonder if and where this fix might be implemented in order to make the launcher always operable, regardless of what account is logged in. Would it be possible to configure Sway to automatically change file ownership to the currently-logged-in account, or is this something which might require modification to the Sway code itself...?




Thanks for the hint :slight_smile:


I'll take a look at the issue later tonight. Thanks for reporting.


It should be resolved in the 0.3.6 version.


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