Software Center, cant find an appstore or App loactions

Hello folks, i am new to garuda linux and new to linux in general. I really like your OS but i have a problem. Everything works out of the box after install but i cant find any software center oder program manager (with a GUI). I come from POP OS and there it is very easy to install apps and use them. I have read Garuda uses Pacman to install apps but is there a simpler and more eye pleasing way to search for and install apps? And after i installed them where is the "place" to search for these apps like on MAC, Windows or PoP OS? Thank for helping a newbie

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Pamac is probably the most "eye pleasing" way to search for apps, but be warned: Pamac has a long and storied history of causing breakages. If you would like to use Pamac, please use it for searching only. The actual package installation should be done with Pacman.

Octopi is pretty good, and perhaps serves as a middle ground between Pamac and Pacman.

You can also search with Pacman itself, if you aren't quite sure what a package is called. Use the "-Ss" option, like so:

pacman -Ss spotify

This will show you all packages available in Pacman that have the word "spotify" in them. Note sudo is not needed for searching this way.

To search including the AUR as well, use Paru instead.

paru spotify

Press Q to exit the PKGBUILD review if you install a package with Paru.

I hope that helps, welcome to the community @Sebastianboehm. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the fast answer. When pamac or octopi are easyer for newbies i will try them. But are they come with garuda or do i need to install them via pacman? The search (Ss) option is good, i will try it as well. But to make it clear, with pacman i can search for any app and install them right after, correct?

So i installed octopi but it seems to replace pacman. Can i get it back?

That’s simply not possible octopi uses pacman to execute it’s commands in the backend. Without pacman no GUI app is going to install/remove anything on any arch based distro. To check pacman is still installed perform

pacman --version

which will return output akin to this

.--.                  Pacman v6.0.2 - libalpm v13.0.2
/ _.-' .-.  .-.  .-.   Copyright (C) 2006-2021 Pacman Development Team
\  '-. '-'  '-'  '-'   Copyright (C) 2002-2006 Judd Vinet
This program may be freely redistributed under
the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Unless the pacman was a typo and you meant something else.