SOF for Intel sunrise

The Macbook Pro of my wife is using an Intel sunrise Point-LP HD and I figured out, that the SOF project supplies drivers for it.

The default Garuda installation and live mode does not provide any audio for it.

It looks very mature and in already in the official repos.

I assume, it could be possible to install it, when the chip is detected.

I love to switch between devices, and have a portable SSD Stick to install my OS's on for that.

So I personally like when everything works on devices, who were not involved in the installation.

So I personally see room for sof to be installed by default on all installations.

It looks like there is a driver for this built into the kernel, since 3.16 (a long time).

Perhaps your issue lies somewhere else in the stack.

Search the forum for your issue and you will find many people need to make some adjustments to get their audio working with Pipewire.


Well, this happens on both Garuda and KaOS.

It seems like support was canceled recently. Intel Sunrise Point-LP HD Audio Doesn’t Work Past Kernel 4.18-0-240.22.1

I installed sof-firmware and it changed the speaker icon in the systray from the "mute" version to a normal one.

I still have no sound, and I guess this could be now something that we can solve by working it in with pipewire. Thanks!

Go into your sound settings and make sure the channel is set correctly and then into volume settings and select the correct choices.
SOF works perfect here.


Thanks a lot

So first, it shows no available devices here:

In the audio settings, there is James DSP and the internal card.
The internal card used to be deactivated and I could set it to "Pro Audio"

Doing that, opens it up like 7 channels, who are also shown in the systray.

Still, using the "Test" feature in the systemsettings KCM and playing sound from Youtube, both doesnt work.

So definitely a step forward, but still no sound.

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