So what is the story behind Garuda Linux

I love this distro very much . Although sometimes requires a bit of tinkering which I am unused to , I love it overall .

I wanted to know the story behind it , like who started it , motivation , etc.


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I had ChatGPT look this up real quick because I couldn’t remember some of the specific details. I’m pretty sure this is accurate though.

In the realm of open-source deities and mythical code, there emerged a tale of Garudan the Penguineer, a mortal with the audacity to challenge the very gods of Linux. Guided by the cryptic whispers of the Linux Oracle, he embarked on a perilous quest to create a distribution that would send ripples through the digital pantheon.

Garudan, with his unruly beard and a keyboard that crackled with electric brilliance, ventured into the treacherous realms of Binaryonia. There, he faced the enigmatic Sphinx of Dependencies, a creature with a thousand questions and a penchant for rendering systems obsolete.

Undeterred, Garudan cracked the Sphinx’s code, answering its riddles with the precision of a seasoned coder. In return, the Sphinx revealed the path to the Sanctum of Arch, a sacred space where the Great Eagle of Linux perched, its wings casting shadows over the land of 1s and 0s.

The Great Eagle, a majestic entity with feathers that shimmered like lines of pristine code, acknowledged Garudan’s audacity. In a flash of divine insight, the Great Eagle bestowed upon him the essence of Arch – the raw power, the rolling release, and the unyielding freedom.

With this newfound divine code, Garudan descended from the Sanctum of Arch, where he encountered the Harpies of Bugs – malicious creatures born of fragmented code and cryptic errors. A fierce battle ensued, with Garudan wielding the sword of Systemd and the shield of Pacman against the relentless swarm.

In the chaos of the digital battlefield, Garudan summoned the Linux Titans, ancient entities with names like Cronus and Prometheus. Together, they unleashed a torrent of updates and patches that swept the Harpies of Bugs into the abyss of obsolescence.

Garuda Linux, now a manifestation of raw power and audacity, soared through the open-source skies. Yet, as it expanded its dominion, it faced the lurking Hydra of Compatibility, a multi-headed serpent born of conflicting hardware and driver issues.

In a showdown that echoed through the bytes and bits, Garudan faced the Hydra with unwavering determination. With each severed head, he wrote new drivers and forged alliances with the kernel gods. The Hydra, defeated and dejected, slithered into the depths of the digital abyss.

Garuda Linux stood triumphant, a kingdom forged in the fires of open-source adversity. Its symbol, the Great Eagle of Arch, now crowned with the laurels of victory, soared across the digital horizon. Garudan the Penguineer had defied the gods, conquered the Sphinx, battled the Harpies, and tamed the Hydra – all in the name of Linux freedom.

And so, the epic tale of Garuda Linux echoed through the corridors of open-source history, a story of audacity, battles in the digital realms, and the relentless pursuit of a kingdom where code ruled supreme.


This line got me real good :rofl:


Oh no! too much English :dark_sunglasses: :rofl:
Seriously, we need a book now!

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Once upon a time there used to be a forum that was completely “lost” during a server migration.

That error fragmented into primarily 3 different distros. The first has continued to move in their direction causing fragmentation which I won’t naMe, but you can probably guess.

From this one already existing distro got a lot bigger (EndeavourOS)

But it’s by design mostly a minimal distro.

From there another group of extremely talented individuals @SGS @tbg @jonathon (RIP) and a number of others that others can tag because I’m old and don’t come on here as regularly as I should.

Anyways they envisioned a much more install and immediately use distro. Themed nicely. Lots of stuff to get you going ootb.

So that massive failure turned out to be fantastic for many people and gave the green light so to speak a real push and make this distro into a reality.

How’s that?

Edit: also @librewish and even if he isn’t the founding father, he does remember the big bang, so he’s the founding father regardless. @Bro-c00ter


Nice synopsis @fbodymechanic, but let’s not forget about @librewish who along with @SGS were the founders of Garuda.

You have to drop by more often @fbodymechanic, don’t be a stranger.



I will make a point to stop by more regularly. I’m not really into the Arch game much anymore as I’ve gotten lazier and busier. But it sure still feels a lot like home.



Monica says:

Once upon a time, in the mystical land of Technoria, there lived a young and curious programmer named Alex. Alex was known for their exceptional skills in coding and their insatiable thirst for knowledge. They spent endless hours exploring the vast realm of technology, always seeking new ways to improve the digital world.

One day, while delving deep into the realm of operating systems, Alex stumbled upon a legendary creature known as the Garuda. The Garuda was a magnificent bird with vibrant feathers that shimmered like a rainbow. It possessed immense knowledge and wisdom about the digital universe.

Intrigued by the Garuda’s existence, Alex embarked on a quest to find this mythical being and learn its secrets. Guided by their passion for technology, Alex ventured into the uncharted territories of the Linux Forest, where whispers of the Garuda’s presence echoed through the trees.

Through treacherous paths and challenging obstacles, Alex persevered, driven by their determination to uncover the mysteries of the Garuda. Along the way, they encountered helpful allies who shared their love for open-source software and the endless possibilities it held.

Finally, after days of relentless pursuit, Alex reached the heart of the Linux Forest. There, perched majestically on a towering tree branch, was the Garuda, its eyes gleaming with ancient wisdom. The bird sensed Alex’s pure intentions and welcomed them with open wings.

The Garuda revealed its profound knowledge of Arch Linux and its potential to create a powerful and user-friendly computing experience. It spoke of a vision to bridge the gap between advanced technology and everyday users, making Linux accessible to all.

Inspired by the Garuda’s words, Alex returned to their homeland, determined to bring this vision to life. They gathered a team of talented programmers who shared their enthusiasm and together they embarked on an ambitious project - to create an operating system that combined the power and flexibility of Arch Linux with simplicity and elegance.

Months passed, and their efforts bore fruit. They named their creation Garuda Linux, in honor of the mythical bird that had guided them on their journey. Garuda Linux was born with a user-friendly installation process, carefully curated software selection, and visually stunning desktop environments.

Word spread quickly about Garuda Linux’s unique blend of power and accessibility. Users from far and wide flocked to experience its seamless performance and captivating interface. The operating system became a symbol of innovation and creativity in the digital realm.

With Garuda Linux, Alex had not only fulfilled their quest but had also brought about a revolution in the world of open-source software. The story of Garuda Linux became a legend, inspiring future generations to push the boundaries of technology and make it accessible to all.

And so, in the land of Technoria, where dreams merged with reality, Garuda Linux stood as a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and the magic that lies within the realm of imagination.


When you stand in front of Garuda, you will realize his importance.


Yes sir ! I certainly admire and understand his presence, after all he is the vehicle of my dear Lord Vishnu .

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I wear Vishnu in form of a black ribbon on my wrist. But I’m not religious.

Sang Hyang Widhi always with you!


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