So what do you hate about fish?

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I don't hate anything about fish. I just acknowledge that it's not for everyone, as it's not fully compatible with other shells, and it's slower. Just like python is not really suitable for 3d rendering. So what do you think?

if i remind myself, there are sometimes that shows errors bc of wildcards, or am i confusing myself with zsh from my other ditro? i know im more used to bash

I remember that to assign variables you need to use "", for example in youtube-dl in order to download a video you need to put a url in between them

I kind of miss ctrl+R functionality , maybe silly but I wasn't able to find a substitute for it in fish.

It depends on the context if you mean a real fish than it is a little salty if you mean the shell, well I think it is the best one.

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Definitely the bones. And yes, I am referring to the shell and the creatures that lurk in the deepest, darkest depths--and not just the developers. :scream_cat: