So what about Garuda Minecraft server?

@sudoman suggested his assistance in creating unofficial (or official?) Minecraft server for Garuda. The server is already running, but without Garuda branding. Are you interested in this? If so, will you play/help?

  • I'm interested, will help with this
  • I'm interested, and I want to play
  • I'm interested but I don't have Microsoft/Mohjang account
  • I'm not interested
  • GET OUT OF MY ROOM, I'M PLAYING MINECRAFT! (both will help and play)

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Will it work on lunar client

it probably will. Don't know, never used it. If it syncs with your Mohjang/Microsoft account it should work

Best FPS of all the clients very popular and open source.

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wait lunar client is open source?

If a Vanilla / PaperMC / Bedrock Minecraft Server is needed that's just 1 click for me :smiley:

I am happy to provide this server with a daily / week backup retention policy.
Every day 1 backup, for 1 week stored.

Also a Minecraft Forge Server would be no problem.


Paper with a few modslike armor stands with arms should be fine.
Also yes Lunar client is open source and free.

I just remembered my own Minecraft server (version 1.16.5 latest) is still running and unused since 4+ months :rofl:

It has some mods installed which might need an update.

If anyone wanna join and test it Port is default 25565 and should not be needed.

Who would be the Admin / OP / Mod? Since they will get access to the web minecraft console.
Also including a web file browser, web terminal yada yada.


Can I volontere to be mod?
Username is RuanauR BTW


this is getting out of hand now there are two of them


Anyone with knowledge about the permission system is a better qualified mod then me..

On java there are sevrel levels in this case it will be level 1 for regular players and level 4 for mods
also try vanilla tweaks. very good plugins.

Was thinking more about plugin permissions like
Building, tp command, etc.

But if I remember correctly luckyperms is a really good permission editor which makes stuff A LOT easier.

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Reminds me a bit of my own Minecraft server, quite similar mods used :smiley:

Its currently down to have more processing power for building packages :fire:


This is pretty cool! What type of server will be? Will it be vanilla, modded, anarchy?

Survival or skyblock.

Hey guys !
Very excited that you are interested in such a server.
We are still up and operational with my server and would be more than happy to provide either a dedicated server for Garuda community or use our current one which is having a nice home feeling with a lot of space for building and further improvement.
We run also couple of fun mods that prove to make the experience very laid back and in a great help of the one who wants to build.
Let me know for any further ideas


I have made a server on ip:

This is classic :grimacing:


That's your local network IP address, we can't access that.

You would need to port forward the port number the server is hosted from and share your public IP address. Then we can connect.

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