So, this is what I did over the Holiday Period

I have friends on Linux Mint, Garuda Linux and EndeavorOS. Garuda is a bit much for some of my friends especially the ones which are not PC literate. I support them all.
Over the holiday period though…
My main PC is Garuda with M$ Windows dual boot. Long term No. 1 PC.
Dumpster PC as a gift now has ArcoLinux (Very Impressed!) & EndeavorOS to use as support PC. Dual boot using GRUB HDMI’ed in to my No.1 PC Monitor to save space.
Dumpster Laptop to use whilst travelling, now has ArcoLinux (for a change) and M$ Windows, dual boot using GRUB.
All perform very well, updates etc. 100% although ArcoLinux is a very large install.
Still using Garuda for day to day PC but I’m a disaster mitigation expert and it is essential to always have a back-up PC, plan and a back-up of all your back-ups.

Happy New Year everyone.


What I did over the Holidays: Buried my cat matriarch.

What I should have been doing: Laying-out & drying gear, cleaning equipment, and preparing to go back out for another week in the woods on a distant Alaskan island, having been dropped there by skiff or seaplane. I always carried a rugged-book for notes & entertainment, but there was no internet connectivity. I carried a Sat. phone & a Ruger .480 (brown bears) even though the Trans. Dept. said I couldn’t. The Dept. wasn’t in danger of being eaten–I was. It was the most fun I ever had with my pants on! :smiley:

Now that’s almost a distant dream. The important thing is it was a dream, and I got to live it.


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