So ive been trying to install grauda linux but the iso file doesnt match the checksum

so ive been trying to download the grauda linux kde dragonized but the checksums does not match each time i downloaded
ive tried downloading over 7 times and each time the file has the same checksum (84ca2c8de373d794a85c0ae3501c3d48) which does not match the checksum given on the website (2f11596a236eb0a401f4c5045e325c01d54e94701a147dd8a8679f1754b94726)
i honestly dont know what im doing wrong here or is it a problem with the website
i would appreciate anyone trying to download and doing a checksum to confirm it isnt an issue on my side

This is the MD5 checksum.

This one is the SHA256 checksum.

Hope this helps!


oh wait im actually dumb sorry

everyone suffers from the occasional cognitive flatulence.

no worries =-)

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