So good global menu news for Firefox and Thunderbird

It looks like Mozilla is finally slowly adding support back for the global menus its just a toggle in firefox about:config. Its not working quite yet. But as its in the latest an nightly firefox as a toggle it hopefully by the time its ready floorp will have moved off ESR so we might have it hidden in firedragon one day. An to another extent thunderbird.

1883184 - Initial support for GTK global menu.

# Whether native GTK global menubar support is enabled.
# Disabled because there are some minor bugs and it needs deeper integration
# with the front-end.
- name:
  type: RelaxedAtomicBool
  value: false
  mirror: always

# Whether GTK global menubar support is enabled using wayland's experimental
# dbus_annotation protocol:
# Disabled until it has a final shape and it is available in compositors.
- name:
  type: RelaxedAtomicBool
  value: false
  mirror: always

Yes! I hope it makes it into Librewolf too. It should, since it’s derived from FF. Thanks for posting it.

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As long as its in the main branch it should trickle out once its finally out there. As for the wayland side I cant say for sure but the protocol that’s been in the works for 3 years, looks like its almost ready at least I hope it gets merged this year.

:confused: I’m on Wayland.

Why does the milestone show branch 125? Shouldn’t it state 127+?

The firefox side has been in the works for 4 months, I just stumbled on it today at least that initial side. you can see it in normal firefox an nightly in about config even set it to true its not working but its a step forward.

but could say its been in the code since 125

What started the search was a look into thunderbird an its patched one no longer working an ended up at firefox so see if it was working there

AUR (en) - firefox-globalmenu an in the comments the had it all layed out for whats to come

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