`snapper-support` not in the repo

Thanks for providing a script to upgrade, however I couldn't find a way to install snapper-support, is it available through pacman ?
Screenshot_~ : fish_2

It says it couldn't find the package.

Do you have the chaotic-aur configured in your pacman.conf and synchronized the db?


Omg, it was not enabled. Now it's doing a huge update :grinning:

After the upgrade, I can now see the new garuda assistant 'Harpy Eagle' and all. It seems like I was missing a lot of updates. Thanks !

However still no access to snapper-setup package:

Any idea why ?

Read carefully, snapper-support is the package name :eyes:

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My bad :blush:, I got it working now.

Thanks for your patience with dumb guys like me!

Shouldn't this be enabled by default?

I think so.
But more than once I saw it overwritten due to wrong pacnew merge (just guessing).


I believe you're right, I remember having a difficult merge during the libpacman upgrade crisis.

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