Snapper settings, upgrading from Bateluer, Snapper boot enabled?

Hey folks! After reading through the announcement, I was very eager to update the system, then manually installed snapper-support where the installer prompted that it's in conflict with Timeshift and if to replace, which I responded to in the affirmative.

I now have Snapper installed, and Timeshift removed, and the Snapper tab appears in the Garuda Assistant. I did notice, however, that on the Btrfs tab, the option "Snapper boot enabled" was toggled off (see screenshot).

I couldn't find in the forums what that does, and if it should be enabled.

Can anyone who knows more than I share some information about this? The only thing that seemed to maybe be relevant to this question is Snapshots on boot on the Arch Wiki. Is that what this setting toggles on/off?

The community's and devs' guidance is much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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It creates a snapshot when you boot up. It is your choice but most people probably don't need it.


Gottit, so every time I reboot or power-up from a poweroff state, it'll take a snapshot? What would be the utility in that?

Does this mean it ignores the schedule settings or it takes a snapshot during boot in addition to the schedule settings?


It will guarantee you have a snapshot of your last successful boot. If you do something wrong and make a mess you can go back to the last boot. If you are also doing hourly or daily snapshots, those also serve a similar purpose.

It is additional to those.


Thank you so much for the very thorough explanation. I will likely not be enabling this setting, given what you've shared.

Much appreciated!!


Thank you for the answers to my unasked questions as well, @dalto. :smiley_cat:


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