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I've been searching online for how to remove Snapper, I would like to use a different program to manage my snapshots and backups but haven't as of yet been able to find anything related to removing snapper. Is it not possible?

sudo pacman -R snapper snapper-support snapper-tools

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I get this when trying to run what you provided.
Garuda yelled at me lol

λ sudo pacman -R snapper snapper-support snapper-tools
[sudo] password for USER:
checking dependencies...
error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: removing snapper-tools breaks dependency 'snapper-tools' required by garuda-system-maintenance
:: removing snapper breaks dependency 'snapper' required by snap-pac

Read about -Rdd

sudo pacman -Rdd snapper snapper-support snapper-tools snap-pac

Rdd says it it will force it to remove and might break things. Given what is being removed is my ability to roll back damaging changes is there no way to gracefully remove these packages?

no you will not be able to roll back as you are removing the ability to roll back the changes ?
I have to ask what program do you wish to change snapper too???

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I am used to timeshift, I can't find any way to change where I backup to with snapper. I have a 12TB raid volume and want to back up to it.

You should leave snapper as is. It is not a backup tool, but only does snapshots. Snapshots HAVE to be on the same drive in the same btrfs partition. But they will take up only a small amount of space (only changed files will be stored two times) and the default configuration is to clean them up, so that only 10 stay.
They will be helpful, if you break your system with pacman.

You should just add timeshift or something else and do the backup to your additional disk.


generally, I would propose to garuda devs, even snapper is an excellent tool, and one can be encouraged to use it, still, it should easily be removable from the system

  • as seen from a Linux user perspective - I might add.

Garuda has switched from Timeshift to Snapper, because of some problems.
Both are not real backup tools. Just Snapshots from your System files.
Use BackInTime, Borg, rsync, and so on for saving user files.


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