[Snapper: Home partition] Protecting my Linux install from noobs like myself

Hello! I recently installed Garuda on my main system and I'm really enjoying it. Unfortunately what prompted this install came from an extremely newbie mistake. I accidentally rm -rf'd my whole home partition. Thank goodness nearly everything was backed up somewhere else, however I prefer to not loose files in the first place. So I decided I would finally make my home partition btrfs this time (hopefully while keeping a snapshot every few days or so to prevent massive data loss in the event of my stupidity pwning me again.) I got to the point of getting snapper to snapshot my @home subvolume mounted at /home (separate partition). But I haven't figured out how to restore it. Can anyone help me? I saw others suggesting I would have to boot into a live session to restore it but I see no devices when doing so (even after mounting).

Hi there slayer, nice to see you again my old chum.

Anyways, for what it's worth my own personal opinion is snapshots of home are not a great backup method. Especially if you store your daily work files and a lot of data there. The reason I say this is that a dedicated backup program gives you far more control over what you want to backup and what you want to restore. Also, IMO a backup stored on the same drive isn't really a proper backup that you can count on in case of a catastrophe.

To me you want a dedicated backup program based on rsync to do incremental backups on a frequent basis to another drive, across your network, or to the cloud. Off site backups are important if the data is mission critical.


Just open up btrfs-assistant and put it in restore mode on the snapper tab. Then select the home snapshots in the dropdown box.

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Now, why in the world would you do that? I have spent well over 20 years running Linux, and not once was it ever necessary to run that command.

No backup plan in the world will protect against stupid inexperience. Whoever gave you that idea should be taken out and executed at high noon! No self-respecting Linux user would ever tell another to blindly use such a powerful tool. Best to not hang with them.

Stick with us, buddy, and we'll not do so. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah. Welcome to Garuda Linux! We'll polish the chrome for ya.


That doesnt work. I can create snapshots, but I can't restore them. What am I doing wrong?

I was clearing cache actually and I pressed enter while terminal was lagging... I'm tempted to accept ur post as the solution :joy:

Note: Garuda has a fricken cache cleaner built in. Now that's smart!

I backup everything important. I just want to be able to recover from nuking my home partition and snapper will do that as every snapshot is read only. Good to hear from you too tho!

Borg backup is really nice. Used it for years and its never let me down. https://www.borgbackup.org/

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What doesn't work, specifically?

What are you trying? What exact error are you getting?

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