Snapper and hidden files

Fresh installation of Garuda Xfce and liking it. This question is because I am coming from TimeShift:
Does Snapper back up the hidden files? By default or not?
I am asking about the .files, mainly found in the home directory.

/home will not backup by default from timeshift.

I never use snapshots as backup, I use borg or rsync.
Snapshot are no backups :slight_smile:


Dot files are included in snapshots, but as SGS mentioned snapshots are not backups; they are more a kind of record of a previous state a file or filesystem was in. In many recovery situations that is all you need, but in the case of disk failure all snapshots will be lost or corrupted as well.

/home is not included by default for a number of reasons, but it is fairly straightforward to add a configuration if you want to include it. Snapper - ArchWiki

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If you are taking snapshots of your home subvolume, it will include everything that is in that subvolume except other subvolumes.

So, yes, dot files will be included.

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Got it. So if I want Home, but with dot files only, then Snapper is not it. Can Timeshift do home with dot files only, on btrfs?

Timeshift is the wrong tool for that.

Take a look at Back in Time for a general solution.

There are also tools that specialize in backing up and syncing dot files specifically.


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