Snap and web install

Should I use Snaps instead of AUR,It is difficult for me to find out the application I want using yay,but when I used Ubuntu previously, It was easy for me to download snaps.

How can I download applications or packages from the web and install it on Garuda Linux, instead of using AUR or the builtin-Add/Remove Software ?

Snaps have more overhead and I refuse to use them. It's almost like running a virtual machine vs just a binary.



For search use pamac, eg.

Snaps are not recommend.

No need, use chaotic and AUR.



Thank you very much! :heart: Being an Indian, I feel really proud using a gorgeous OS made by the Indians! :heart:


That is more a Windows way of thinking.

Use pacman/yay/pamac. One application to rule them all. One single command and your system is up-to-date. One of the best things about using Linux. Hassle free. At least for me. :grinning:

Also snaps bog down the system, especially if your hardware is limited and even if it is not.

Use AUR if needed but do have a look through the PKGBUILD beforehand.


Never use Snap if you can avoid.

The GIMP snap is almost twice as slow as the normal install.

Even Appimage is a better option.


One recent case was someone having an issue with LibreOffice, specifically 'base' reports.
The binary can't do it, so the next options are Flatpak, Appimage, then Snap.

Snap is a long way down the line, slowest to start and heavy to run. Flatpak was the one he chose, but I think Appimage is tidier.

But the best option is usually the binary... but if it's an issue (like having to build electron for something every time you update) then appimage can be okay.

Instead of a general query, this will make more sense when you have a specific requirement... otherwise you'll only get general advice and predjudices based on experience which might not apply to every case.

So ask again - something specific like Libreoffice Base, or maybe you're having issues installing Joplin, because it's all free, and sometimes we all break our own rules to get something we need.

Right now I'm happily snap and flatpak free :wink: and one appimage for Joplin.

One reason I avoided them this time around is that, when doing Timeshift, I noticed just one snap (I tried Plex server as a snap) introduced a hideous number of files.


Snapd is literally spyware. It tracks all installation and usage of software and reports it to Canonical. This tracking cannot be (easily) turned off.

Canonical is not the most trustworthy of companies, either.

AUR, on the other hand is 100% transparent, as long as you understand what's going on in the PKGBUILD file.

To search for software in the AUR, you can use the website:


Okay! Thank you very much for the suggestion! :grinning: :blush:

Really, I like this community so much! So helpful! :pray:

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