Small Price for a Premium OS

Now that we're all (hopefully) over this sddm hick-up, allow me to just say this one time:

Garuda is the freaking best!!!

The stuff you guys are dealing with, having new people come and complain without putting in the tiniest bit of work, and still going out of your way to help them... Seriously, all the helpers in this forum deserve a standing ovation.

I'll restore it, revert it, reinstall it, retweak it, recompile it, stay up at night over it, whatever it takes. It is such a small price to pay for this jewel of an operating system. :dragon:

Love you all.
Soar on ~


Hello to all,

I am an old developer that has used dozens of various OS and languages. My Manjaro installation killed itself somehow so i reformatted to Garuda.

WOW! Just awesome. No problems, incredibly beautiful and everything just works.

I am in love with this!


Welcome to the Garuda community. :wave:

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