Small Garuda manual for complete newbies

Btw, I want to create a small garuda manual for complete newbies so that they can know garuda and linux better. I will include a section about kernels too. I guess it can be added in garuda welcome app, as it starts after installing the system. That way we can use the stable kernel and give info about other kernels too, without creating new tools that much. Garuda installer images are already too bloated, if we include several kernels it will require additional storage, or if we will download them from net then it will slow down the installation and can potentially be a security problem.


There is a wiki that can be extended with a "Beginner to Linux" section?

Alternatively, including a user manual with the installation image is an option, though from experience very few people will ever say that they have read it.


Well, they should be cross-connected, but the wiki is too scary and clunky for newbies, and the manual will definitely be called "USEFUL INFO", with the first page being giant letters "DO NOT WORRY, THIS TEXT IS SMALL AND SIMPLE ENOUGH FOR YOU TO READ"


You're never going to get "complete newbies" from total beginners to understanding how to use Linux in a couple of paragraphs. Reading will be involved, no matter where it happens, and if people can't/won't read then you're putting in effort with no direct benefit.

It's probably better directing the effort to existing wiki, tutorial, and FAQ posts, then pointing people on the forum/Telegram/etc. towards them as appropriate.


Okay, I will just expand wiki. But is there a way to export pages from there besides just copying the html code? Some just might have issues with their Internet, and some just hate to open a browser another one time


Just so you know, I don't want to stop you from writing a manual, I just want to point out that it's a lot of effort with potentially minimal return (as I know from experience). At this stage, improving the existing resources is likely to be a better use of time and effort (while also making sure not to duplicate Arch wiki pages).

However, my previous experience doesn't mean you wouldn't be able to do a better job this time. :wink:

Hmm... I'm not sure. :thinking:


That is actually good idea @Waterfeelix .


I tend to agree with @jonathon on this one. Sadly no one reads documentation anymore, especially if it's not regarding an emergency breakdown. Even then getting users to read documentation is like pulling teeth. If aint on YouTube no one cares to view it.

I think full documentation is great, and it's a thankless task. I wouldn't want to discourage you from doing that because Garuda documentation is still pretty scant being a new distro. However, being so close to upstream Arch we can easily fallback on the Archwiki for most information needs.

Give it a go, and thanks for the effort.


I suggest you use a forum tutorial topic.
As you said

Discourse is easy to write and to read, with lots of beautification features.
Easy to fix or update.
Choose what you want.


I like to dive right into a new distro and immediately start trying to customize it, add obscure PPAs, install Realtek WiFi drivers that I know are a waste of time, join the distro forum, flame the crappy distro and the incompetent devs, curse at error messages that I can't understand, and just generally wallow in anger & frustration until the thing ultimately crashes and refuses to update or even boot.

Then I read the Wiki.


What about an offline archwiki?

Already exists for Android/iPhone.


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I like your ambition and train of thought! Go for it and make it stick!! Im sure youll have to revise as you go but this is a great approach. Dont let naysayers discourage you...blind dogma in linux community is the enemy of everything we strive for and wish to achieve.

Im excited to see what you come up with and if you need help let me know!