Slow computer on battery

Hello the Garuda team. Before all, thanks a lot for your work. Distributions are very beautyfull.

I'm on Garuda KDE Dr460nized since a few days and this morning I was suprising by my laptop on battery. Every actions are very slow (almost unusable). When my laptop is in charge I have no problem.

I looked in the bios but there was no performance restriction on the battery.
I have never had this problem into other distributions like Ubuntu or debian.

My Laptop is a Dell With 32Go of ram and a good CPU so i don't think the problem is about the material.

Do you have any idea maybe ?

Thanks a lot

Try this
Edit /etc/fstab and edit every "commit=120" to "commit=30" - save and reboot. If lags don't go out try "commit=15 or 5".

Thanks for your answer, but I don't have section commit in my fstab. I need to add this ?

Ah, I had this issue. One of the issues is that the auto-cpufreq-git automatically sets your cpu governor to "powersave" if it's disconnected from battery. Uninstall it. And use corectrl to set it to whatever one you want now.

@Rentil, I still added. I tried "commit=30" and "commit=5" But that's change nothing.
Too bad

@lbibass Thanks a lot.

My daemon auto-cpugreq was not install it just present for information. I can see the "powersave" when I unplug my charger.

I have install corectrl and the general profil solved my problem.

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