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It's really a noobie question but I have a TouchScreen laptop and can't find where to customize KDE dragonized so I only have to touch / click once icons to open them LOL

I am used in some FileManager to go in the preferences under behavior but in Garuda KDE Dragonized I can' find how to set up my config so I can single click icons in the file manager or the mains icons on the desktop .


I think this might be what you are looking for.

Open Settings, go to Workspace and click Workspace Behavior.
On the right there is the option 'Clicking files or folders' there you can select which style you would like.

2 Likes right, it's working for icons within Dolphin file manager, tks ! (I forgot that I solved that part of the problem.

Now I am trying to have the same (one touch opening) on the Desktop icons ( on Late dock if I am not wrong with the name)

Tks !

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On my system this setting also effects the desktop :thinking:
And on latte-dock I never had double click.


Tks @BrutalBirdie !

I don't know what I have changed but it's working..... grrr LOL


Happens to the best :smiley:

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Which is why we always advise documenting changes :slightly_smiling_face:

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Isn't this the default setting?
I mean it is.



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