Simple solid friendly full system backup restore app?

Hello Garuda users.
after days reviewing videos and docs per full backups to an ext disk for the case of a disk fail or ransomeware or other disk overwhelmed, many bkup apps are old and not actively maintained. im looking for a definitive answer from more experienced users. thanks in advance. i just want to get it done and back to work lol ya know. looked at grsync, luckybackup, clonezilla, bakula, borg

with windoze its so simple, ie TrueImage backs up your entire drive and partitions to a file on an ext drive and creates daily incrementals. i got a big external drive for this for my garuda laptop. this is what i want for peace of mind.
ps, i wish garuda included some kind of modern grsync gui in garuda assistant that included an automatic mount / backup / unmount routine.

is there an 'uncomplicated' simple clear definitive best practice and script to make it happen? there must be...thanks again !

Ive been looking for that as well, one problem is permissions to copy files for some resaon....
Help and suggestions are welcome

Try Vorta. It's in (Chaotic+) AUR.


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